s/v Solace

…is my 40 ft. cutter… That is a sloop (sailboat) with the mast set slightly aft to allow a jib as well as staysail (forward sail).  The forward sail on a sloop is called a jib, but is technically a staysail.  The cutter jib is attached to a stay that runs from the forward deck to some point above the mast spreaders about 2/3 up the mast.  It is usually footed (a wooden boom attached) and will swing free (not require moving sheets when tacking).


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Land-locked Sailor - gone ashore for the 'end of my days'
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  1. svsolace says:

    A stay is a standing (as opposed to running) rigging – a wire rope – supporting and stabilizing the mast with the hull of the boat. The staysail is attached to the forward stay which is attached at the bow (deck or bowsprit). The jib then is attached to the short stay.

  2. svsolace says:

    To ‘stay’ as opposed to ‘run’….

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